Prior to storing your RV with Champion Storage, we recommend the following:

  • Increase the tire pressure of your RV to avoid getting any bald spots while the RV is in storage.
  • Wash and wax your RV thoroughly to remove any outdoor elements (rain, road grit, road salt) from the finish of your RV.
  • Thoroughly clean the interior including vacuuming under seats and removing all trash particles.
  • Fill your gas tank to avoid in-tank condensation.
  • Add a fuel preservative to avoid the formation of any gum and varnish. Once the preservative is added, run your RV for 15 minutes to ensure it has cycled through and your engine is fully treated.
  • Turn off any security and anti-theft devices.
  • Remove any transponders for toll roads.

To further ensure the safety and wellbeing of your RV while in storage, you could:

  • Get an oil change to avoid by-product combustion while your RV is stored.
  • Flush and replace all coolants.
  • Flush and replace brake fluids.
  • Install a fresh battery if yours is over 3 years old.