Champion Storage in Jeffersonville, IN offers long-term indoor car storage. The typical customer looking for long-term indoor car storage are often military personnel who are embarking in a tour overseas, classic car collectors with limited storage space at home, government personnel on extended assignments, and more. If you are located in Southern Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky or the surrounding area and are looking for extended indoor car storage, look no further than Champion Storage.

Our indoor car storage facility is conveniently located at 539 Champion Road in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Due to our convenient location, we are able to offer affordable indoor car storage along with our other services including outdoor storage as well as boat and RV storage. Our warehouse offers maximum storage space so whether you are looking to store one car or multiple indoors, we can accommodate your needs!

When your car is accepted for storage at Champion Storage in Jeffersonville, Indiana, we will:

  • Complete a full inspection of your car and note any imperfections, inside and out
  • Copy your vehicle’s proof of ownership (title and/or registration is acceptable)
  • Copy your photo ID for verification purposes

All cars kept in our indoor car storage space are securely locked in our indoor, under surveillance, warehouse and regularly maintained to keep them in running condition. Every thirty (30) days, fluid levels are noted and cars are run for fifteen minutes. During the maintenance period, car doors are opened and aired out to prevent your car from acquiring the musty, storage smell. In addition, cars stored in our indoor car storage warehouse are moved periodically so that the cars avoid developing flat spots in the tires and to ensure that the bearings and gears within the vehicle remain lubricated.

If, for any reason, your car does not start or exhibits any other issues, we will contact you immediately. Before your car is picked up or delivered to you when your storage period is over, it will be washed and vacuumed by our staff.

Start storing your car at Champion Storage today in one of three ways:

  • A member of the Champion Storage team can pick up your car if you’re in our service area.
  • You can deliver your car yourself to our warehouse by making an appointment.
  • Contract with a car transport service to have your cars delivered to us

If you are in the area and are in need of indoor car storage, give us a call at 812-283-1975 today!