Champion Premium Car Storage

Your final stop for luxury car storage in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

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Climate-Controlled Vehicle Storage

Keep your luxury vehicle in peak condition by protecting it from the weather in our indoor, climate-controlled Champion Premium Car Storage facility. Our aim is keeping luxury cars in suitable environments to ensure that they don't suffer from conditions that rust or wear.

Secure Premises

Secure Premises

Our vehicle storage space is well protected with top-of-the-line security systems and 24/7 monitoring. Rest assured knowing that your luxury vehicles are safe in a guarded storage facility that is monitored using top of the line security cameras. 

Convenient Location

Convenient Location

New Albany, Indiana is located just across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky. The driving distance between New Albany and downtown Louisville is approximately 5 miles (8 kilometers), and the drive takes 10 to 15 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

Additional Options at Champion Storage

Additional Options

We offer additional services outside of storage. Whether you're looking for battery tender services, a trusted technician to drive your vehicle monthly, scheduled vehicle washes, home delivery, or wellness checks, you can find it all with Champion Premium Car Storage!

Store Your Vehicle with Champion Storage

Protect Your Vehicle with
a Secure Storage Solution


If you’re looking for safety and security when choosing a place to store your vehicles in the Kentuckiana area, then Champion Premium Car Storage has a spot for you. With a climate-controlled space that keeps your car protected from the elements as well as theft and vandalism, our monitored storage facility is available to any vehicle that needs extra security. However, that doesn’t stop you as the owner from easily accessing your vehicle at any time with proper identification. When you choose to store your high-value cars in Champion Premium Car Storage, your property becomes our priority.

Contact us today by form or call our number at 502-649-6297 for more information about our storage facility, security, and availability.

We Keep Your Car in the Best
Condition While in Storage

Don’t let your need for storage stress you out –
our storage facility is built to maintain
the condition that you bring your car in.

Additional Services Available at Our Sister Locations

In addition to secure, climate-controlled car storage services, we also offer services at our secure sister locations, including:

Covered Outdoor Vehicle, Boat, and RV Storage
Uncovered Outdoor Vehicle, Boat, and RV Storage

Contact us today to arrange for car, boat, and RV storage near Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana for a worry-free storage solution.

Why Store Your Car in Champion Premium Car Storage?

We are one branch of a locally-owned and operated storage company that built its foundations on affordable, secure storage solutions for vehicles of all types. We have the experience, we have the ability, and now we have an option for those who want the best of the best storage for their cars.

Our clients from across Kentucky and Indiana keep choosing our storage facility because:

  • We're Fully Insured
  • Our Facility is Clean and Secure
  • We Offer Battery Outlets for Tenders
  • We Provide a Multi-Car Discount*
  • We Offer 1 Month Free with a 12-Month Reservation*
  • We Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Your vehicle will be in the best hands with our experienced and driven team members. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about our services or to check for availability.


*1 month free with 12 month pre-payment signed agreement and not other discounts are applicable. Free month of storage is based upon the $200 per month base rental rate and any charges over that are not discount (example wash, detail, delivery and other services). Mulit-car discount applies to any individual that owns and insures over 3 cars. The multi-car discount is 15% on the entirety of the customers storage agreements. All discounts are subject to change and the interpretation of the owner of the facility.

Champion Premium Car Storage

Quality Storage for a Quality Price

Run by an automotive enthusiast and for automobile enthusiasts, you know that your vehicle will be safe in a secure, protected environment in Champion Premium Car Storage.

Our accessible location is designed to keep your car safe while maintaining the quality in our climate-controlled storage facility, all for an attainable price.

Champion Premium Car Storage brings a clean, secure place to the Kentuckiana area for a fair price.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't below, that doesn't mean we don't have an answer!
Do not hesitate to reach out to our team of trusted car enthusiasts.

Storing a car does not have to be expensive – in fact, we offer premium prices for regular or covered storage at our sister lots. While prices might increase at Champion Premium Car Storage since we provide a climate-controlled setting, our monthly fee is still fairly priced, although assuming your car will not require one of our larger storage units, the cost of storing your vehicle will still vary by location and availability.

A car cover is a worthwhile investment to help protect the exterior of your vehicle while it’s in storage, even in a climate-controlled setting; however, it is not strictly necessary. It is, however, a relatively inexpensive product that will help keep dust and other particles from dirtying the car, though, and will help to protect it in the case of any rare, unexpected incidents.

You can choose to store your car at Champion Premium Car Storage for as long as you’d like to rent a space; however, how long you should varies with different factors. Experts don’t have a specific time frame in mind, but well-known names like AAA say it should be okay to store a car for a season, such as during the winter, without starting it but, in general, it is considered the best practice to not let a car idle in storage for too long. If possible, we recommend that you start and drive the car a short distance once every couple of months, which will help the vehicle keep all the mechanical and hydraulic parts in working order. The longer the car is stored without use, the higher the risk is of significant issues arising, such as battery failure and tire flat-spotting.

Cars need an oil change on average around every 5,000-10,000 miles, and if your car has been spending a lot of time in storage, then it all depends on when it was last changed. If you did it before placing the car in storage, you likely won’t have to. But it is always best to bring it in if it’s been a while, just as a precaution, or you can always complete a dipstick check and see if the oil is clean or dirty.

While the majority of cars are stored in a non-climate-controlled environment, Champion Premium Car Storage offers our climate-controlled storage for special vehicles, such as classic cars, exotic cars, sports cars, or spare cars that you want to take care of. 

Even if you have your own garage, there are overwhelming benefits to using a secure, indoor, and climate-controlled car storage facility. Dramatic and quick temperature changes that occur with the seasons cannot be prevented with outdoor garages; climate-controlled facilities maintain proper temperature, lighting, and humidity levels to avoid issues such as:

  • Tires losing pressure or developing flat spots
  • Car leather splintering and cracking 
  • UV ray damages to paint, tires, and leather 
  • Wildlife taking up residence in the nooks and crannies of a car

Just as you are responsible for the contents of a self-storage unit, you will be responsible for the initial security of your car. Once you lock it up, you can rest assured that you will be the only person with access, and that Champion Premium Car Storage is known for our well-lit, maintained, and secure facilities. We take the security of our customers’ property very seriously!

No, working on a car in a storage unit is prohibited due to issues that might arise with oil and fluid spills, and noise, smoke, odors, and lack of electricity can all be factors that affect other customers. Just as we respect and secure your vehicle, we want to do the same for others, too!

Always! We have dynamic car storage packages, meaning that you would be able to get your car out of storage by request when you want or need it. Some car storage facilities operate on a static storage basis, meaning that there is a time frame in which the car is stored and cannot be touched during, but Champion Premium Car Storage is much more flexible and allows you to have access to your vehicle when you want it.

Champion Premium Car Storage is a Self-Service, Fully-Accessible Car Storage Facility for Those Looking for a Secure Storage Solution

Contact us today for details on our availability and services.


Our location is conveniently placed near one of our sister storage facilities, giving you access to more than one service. With our proximity to the Ohio River, Champion Premium Car Storage can easily serve those in both Kentucky and Indiana.

Our secure premises keep your vehicle safe from both other people and the weather.

Your vehicle is our priority and responsibility when you leave it with us, so we treat it as such.

Please keep in mind that Champion Premium Car Storage is a luxury car storage facility servicing Kentuckiana. We are NOT a car club, a wine bar, a cigar club, or a sports hangout. With that being said, we do not offer annual membership fees.